About us

GPA Logistics SAS is a company that was set up in 2011, with the legal status of a commission agent for transports.

It is located in the outskirts of Paris – with the registered head offices situated in Roissy en France – FR 95, at a stone’s throw from the Air Cargo Terminal.

More offices and warehouses are located in Goussainville – FR 95, close to the business area of its partners.

It was originally created by a group of people whose complementary skills permitted to offer a different form of service, better adapted to their clients ‘expectations and gradually developed during 20 years of partnership with multiple clients in many sectors and countries that have forged their competence through many achievements.

GPA Logistics actors have from the start been able to gain their clients ‘trust and developed new skills to meet their diverse needs and adapt to the realities faced by exporters.

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Our evolution

In time, GPA Logistics have worked with their partners to set up a network of collaborators in France and worldwide, offering transport services in most countries.

The flexibility and skilfulness of our staff members guarantees to our clients the presence of specialized interlocutors to deal with their requirements. Specialized in the transport different forms of cargo through Cargo Project (Agriculture, automobile, industry and oil), GPA Logistics offers advice, technical and administrative assistance to complete the transport process successfully.

GPA Logistics have also developed complementary services to assist exporters and offers a totally externalized export service to business managers and exporters who would require extra specialized competences.

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By entrusting us with the service, you will be guaranteed safe proceedings for your exports.

We guarantee safe proceedings

GPA LOGISTICS Forwarder license Number N°DC 11 10 02150 Form 11/30/2010